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Talk about Cat Work Tools
Joe Arbolino talks about Cat Work Tool's

Recently we had a chance to catch up with Joe Arbolini from Joe and Tony Earthmoving, to have a chat about his business, his machines and his impressive line-up of Cat Work Tool's

Q. How long have you been in the earthmoving business?
A. Over 20 years now, my father actually started in the industry when he was in Napoli, before we moved to Australia.

Q. So your business is a family affair?
A. Yes it is. I've carried on the tradition here in Australia and my son Anthony has also joined me in the business, and judging by my grandson's enthusiasm hopefully he will carry it on.

Q. When did you but your first piece of machinery?
A. Easily over 20 years ago, it was a little excavator, 4 or 5 tonne. We went though a perid buying second hand machinery, but over the last few years we've opted to buy new Caterpillar gear.

Q. So tell me, what Caterpillar machinery do you currently have in your fleet?
A. Well I have a D5B Dozer, CS563 Roller, CV16B Vibratory Roller, 232B Skid Steer, 325L Excavator, CS-563C Roller, 301.6C and 305 CR Mini-Excavators, BU115 Utility Broom, PR172 Power Box Rake, H65Ds Hammer, Cat Forks, and a colection of Buckets.

Q. It's an impressive collection of Cat Tool's, does that versatility help you bid for work?
A. Every purchase of Caterpillar Work Tool's has helped me bid for, and win more business opportunities. If I need a specific tool for a job, and I don't have it, I know I can give WesTrac a call and get it, and then put it straight to work.

Q. SO what do you like most about Cat?
A. It's a quality product with great warranty coverage, very limited downtime, not to mention the support from WesTrac.

Q. Why do you believe Caterpillar equipment has helped you win so many contracts?
A. That's easy. Cat's are machines, not toys.













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